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Finnmade offers a free, no-obligation, professional library design service, backed by 25 years’ in the industry. An experienced consultant will visit your premises to discuss with you how the space is to be used and make recommendations on the choice of shelving and furniture required to achieve your objectives within budget. A detailed site survey will be taken, noting locations of pipes, sockets, radiators, etc.

A preliminary proposal, comprising a fully itemized quotation plus AutoCAD drawings illustrating the proposed floor plan, as well as full colour perspective images, enabling you to imagine what the space will look like when completed. This proposal is usually returned within 2 weeks of our initial visit.

C:My CAD DrawingsKings House Upper School Layout A3 Plot (1)


C:UsersFinnmade 2DocumentsAutodeskMy CAD drawingsEnglish M
English Martyr's photo to match drawing
C:UsersFinnmade 2DocumentsAutodeskMy CAD drawingsKings Hea
C:My CAD DrawingsRed Maid School Layout1 (1)
Red Maids School 008

Further discussions can then take place to refine the design and specification, choose upholstery colours, etc, until the proposal is finalised and agreed by all parties.

Our shelving and most of our furniture and accessories are manufactured in Britain, giving us greater control over the quality and design and very reasonable lead times. The installation is handled by our own staff, ensuring the best possible service and customer satisfaction. Most importantly, there is coordination and continuity of attention from first visit to final installation and beyond, thus avoiding misunderstandings and complications.